Wednesday, December 7, 2016

We can offer you the complete Home Doctor GP service 24/7 home visits 365 days of the year

If you live on the Costa del Sol between Torremolinos and Sotogrande then you can join a mobile Doctor service.
Its the complete GP service including unlimited home treatment.The service operates a fleet of mobile intensive care units,specialist doctors and modern equipped ambulances, who are on call and treat you at home.
If you live on the Costa del Sol and need a Doctor then this is an affordable service. Its so convenient particularly when you have toddlers who are ill in bed. One quick call and a Doctor is dispatched to your home. The cost is affordable, an Individual pays a one off fee annual price 298,00 euros, a couple 470 euros per annum or family of 4 at a cost of 537,00 euros per annum. You can call 24/7 365 days a year whether its a child with fever in the early hours of the morning or a a broken leg on a football pitch on a Sunday afternoon.Living on the Costa del Sol with all the sunshine means you will spend a lot of time out and about so whether you have an accident playing sport or hiking up the local mountain the family can do so knowing that a Docor ambulance or if required a helicopter will attend you on location.
This is best described as a first instance service and does not replace private medical insurance. The majority of our clients who have this service do so because they want the convenience of a home Doctor or a Doctor who will visit you at the work place or even if you fall ill or have an accident outside of the home within the catchment area.
Clients who have this service also take private medical insurance in order to have ongoing Doctor treatment and hospital treatment.
For more information contact Tailor Made Healthcare solutions Spain (0034) 956 790 320 or complete our short form on this link click for form


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