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Private Health Insurance
Dont transfer your #BUPA medical policy to Spain unless you have to do so due to ongoing
pre-existing conditions

If you have no pre-existing conditions then medical insurance in Spain can be half the cost of BUPA or AXA PPP  find out more

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Private Health Insurance your English Agent for Health Insurance in Spain

Private Health Insurance Agent Spain: We are English Agents in Spain for Spanish Medical Insurance Cover, Funeral & Repatriation plans, Life Cover, Home Insurance policies.

Friday, May 25, 2018

The best Treatment for Serious & Critical Illness abroad


Its Heartbreaking when the news features a person suffering with a serious or critical illness and appealing for help to travel to a far flung destination to get treatment from the world leading specialist.
Often there is an appeal by friends and family who rally together and try to raise money to assist to pay for travel and specialised treatments.


Take up an insurance policy that arranges flights travel, accommodation & treatment. A policy that sends you to worlds top hospitals to be seen and treated by worlds leading experts. The cover includes taking a parent or partner or companion.

Cost in euros based on
15-24 4,94€ per month
25-34 4,97€ per month
35-44 9,66€ per month
45-5419,55€ per month
55-6433,64€ per month
65-75 46,67€ per month

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Are you really Bullet Proof ? Don't play Spanish Roulette with your Health

Are you really bullet proof ?

Time and time again we speak to prospective clients seeking medical insurance for the simple reason that out of the blue they have had to shell out a lump of cash for an injury or illness.

This month we have spoken to a couple in their mid 60s, the wife was walking along texting in a Marbella cobbled alley when she tripped and suffered a fractured skull. The medical treatment was fast and efficient and the Hospital accepted the EHIC card. 
She was admitted into Hospital and spent 3 weeks on the ward.  Now 6 months on they tell me that after 90 days the EHIC treatment ended and she continues paying for physio twice a week and requiring ongoing Checks tests and neurology treatment. Cost to them has been 5.800,00€

Last month a Lady called because she had been in a car accident and it had cost her retired father 6.000,00€ for surgery a metal plate and steel pins.

Another enquiry from a man in his late 50s been diagnosed with prostrate cancer been through the treatment cost 9.000,00€ for Spanish Hospital.

All of these people are concerned about the future and want to put in place medical insurance.

However the first two examples can arrange a medical insurance policy but both will have exclusions. For the head trauma there will be no cover if anything arises deemed by a Medic to be connected to the injury ie brain clot, nausea dizziness

The Car accident case will not be insured for complications from the metal plate or the pinned bones.

The gentleman just recovered with Prostrate Cancer will be refused insurance completely and might be able to try for Medical Insurance again in 5 years if the all clear given.

There are many people walking around Spain with no access to State Health believing they are ok on their EHIC card a card that is valid for 90 days abroad and is designed for Emergency treatment when travelling in another EU country that you do not reside in.

Every month we provide quotations to people who have no Health Access and have been here for years without worrying about it. We understand that budget plays a big part in not going the Private Health Insurance route. However if you cannot insure yourself maybe look at getting the Children Insured as this is very low cost in Spain. If you don't insure yourself ,well maybe you can consider at least insuring your frailer partner.

Time ticks by and with age complications arise. A friend of mine recently told me he cannot afford private medical insurance and within 2 weeks went off an upgraded his 2 year old  sports car. Its all about priorities and surely your health should come first.

Article by
Francis Payne 
Tailor Made Healthcare Solutions Spain

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

DKV SELECCION Policy for over 75s Its not the best and we tell you why

The Only Medical Insurance in Spain for the 75 plus

We receive many enquires a month for this over 75s Medical Insurance and the reason for this is that there is no other insurer in Spain who will consider Insuring anyone over the age of 75.

In comparison to the DKV Integral Insurance it falls far short of the cover. This policy does not offer preventative screening and there are clauses where if you are injured in a car accident there is no cover.

This is an insurance which is not available in all of Spain's provinces. We are also quick to point out that there are very few medical centres that accept the Seleccion Medical Card and each year we see less and less location options. So there you have it an insurance that falls short of what is required for peace of mind. Yet despite this some people take the attitude some cover is better than no cover and decide to proceed with the 96,00€ per month that it costs.

In fact we prefer not to sell this insurance as it is not a great product. However we do so because it does suit some people who are over 75 that need to show the Government Authorities that they have health cover. We have also seen a number of over 75s use the Policy to obtain Visa or Residency despite the fact that it does have a 3 euro Copago (policy excess per claim) which essentially means that the authorities if being extra strict refuse residency/visa because it has a Copago.

So the upshot is that we will sell you this policy but warn you of the shortfalls from day 1.

DKV do still sell you a Normal Comprehensive policy if you are just under 75 and once insured as long as you pay you can continue the policy for your life time. If you are a particularly fit 75 yr old and not reached 75 1/2 years of age we might possibly still convince DKV to offer you a standard comprehensive policy. This would be at the Insurers discretion.

So the decision is yours. Not often you get an agent who does not want to sell a product but there you go we like to be honest and as I say for some people some cover is better than NO COVER

So there you have the truth now if you still want to apply and get confirmation of QUOTE and Brochure then click on the following text


Article by Francis Payne
Tailor Made Healthcare Solutions Spain
Tel. 0034 956 777 905

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

I am British and I need Private Medical Insurance for Residency in Spain


With the uncertainty of Brexit looming it is only natural that British citizens living in Spain are deciding to get their Spanish affairs in order. After all when D day arrives it is surely sensible to be an approved resident.
Who knows what regulations and costs will be levied on British Citizens who are still here without residency approval, once the UK has completed its Brexit formalities .

The majority of Brits in the Spanish coastal resorts are accepting the need to comply and Spain has in the last 18 months introduced an appointment system to deal with the increasing queues of applicants looking to obtain "Residencia" with each month the wait gets longer
The decision to which medical insurance to have is straight forward as the Spanish Authorities are telling us we must take a Private Health Insurance Policy that has No Copago (policy excess) and is near as close possible to the Spanish State Healthcare.

In Spain your medical insurance offers you the option to contribute a small or large percentage of your medical treatment cost and by doing so your premium is reduced. The higher the part payment percentage you contribute the lower the premium becomes this part payment is known as Copago.
So for most British the decision is straight forward and we obtain a Policy with No Copago to support our Residency Application. The purpose of this blog is to bring awareness about some of the situations that can and do arise when making an application for residency.

Here are a few of the situations that we have dealt with experienced by existing clients.
  1. Application refused because you cannot produce proof of payment
  2. Application refused because your policy shows too many pre-existing conditions
  3. Application refused because you have a Copago shown
  4. Application refused because you have produced a policy that expires in a month
  5. Application refused because the policy you have is restricted to  your Province

The items listed 1 to 5 are fairly common and we often get calls from clients from all provinces in Spain stressed and confused as to what to do next.

We have therefore provided some solutions
  1. In Spain you receive a Policy and it usually arrives with a Terms of Insurance contract which must be signed and returned, only when the contract is returned will the insurer take funds from the bank. So you must take with you proof of payment by way of a copy bank statement
  2. If you have a policy and it shows a page with pre-existing conditions some pedantic officers may say its not good enough as it doesn't match state health. We are aware of  a number of clients who have re-applied and presented the Policy without the exclusions page 
  3. Some clients have taken out a Policy not explaining to the agent its for residency and then presented the Authorities with a Policy that does show Copago. Sometimes a low Copago will not get noticed and they will get residency. Others have to make another appointment and upgrade the Insurance. We see many people in remoter inland towns apply and get accepted with Copago. However on the Costas of Spain this is seldom the case
  4. If your policy expires within a month or two the Authorities may raise an eyebrow (not usually) However to be sure we as an Agency produce a certificate of contractual guarantee. It simply says to the Authorities that the policy is contractually guaranteed renewal . This is also good to have if you are applying for a VISA .
  5. There are Medical Insurance Policies that only insure you for treatment in the Province you reside in. We have seen a steady stream of people who get refused because of this restriction and ask us to provide a policy insuring them for all of Spain. Avoid Localised Medical Insurance.
Private Medical Insurance works well in Spain. The premiums are anything between 40% to 60% cheaper than a UK policy. The Spanish Costas have many Private Medical Centres and Hospitals that accept Medical Insurance customers. We often see when advertising in the Social Media comments such as 'Why go private State Medical is great in Spain' 

Seems to me that many people have acclimatised  to believing a 6 to 8 week wait is acceptable?
The fact is there is nothing great about having to wait for an appointment when you are ill or are concerned about a lump or pain that you cannot explain. What is good about wanting to see a specialist and waiting 6 to 8 weeks. What is good about waiting 9 months for a Hip operation then being told the appointment is cancelled because there are no beds or that the surgeon is no longer available.
Private Medical Insurance means that if you are in need of a specialist you simply ring and obtain an appointment. If you are told nothing available at a certain clinic or hospital for 6 days then ring several others and find the specialist you need sooner. Its as simple as that.

There are too many people in Spain thinking they can get away with Medical Treatment on a 90 day EHIC card or by renewing an annual travel insurance. These are options designed for first instance treatment. Under these options there is no long term cancer treatment or ongoing Diabetes care or 12 months of rehabiltation after a serious accident. The EHIC may last a year or some issued are 2 years but again they are for 90 days away at any one time

You may have been pressured into Medical Insurance because of Spain's regulations but once you have it in place make sure you take full advantage.

With the right policy go and get regularly screened. Book your preventative check ups and treatments at your convenience so Living the Spanish dream for you and your family really does become a happy reality.

For medical insurance in Spain it is often a good idea to go through an Agency who will be there to assist you with ongoing support . Most insurers have Call Centres that we all find frustrating so often better to call a good agent and speak with them first.

Also be aware that Medical Insurance through your Spanish Bank is often not like for like as Banks tend to offer a modality policy issued by the same insurer but where cover has been restricted.
For instance a DKV Insurance Policy through a broker or agent or Direct with DKV is usually more comprehensive than the slimmed down version sold by a Spanish Bank. Your Bank will claim that its a similar policy  and time and time again we speak to people who have the Bank Policy that have been refused a certain treatment or have been capped on expenditure

Please feel free to contact Tailor Made Healthcare to talk through your situation. We assist 100's of Expats from all areas of Spain every month and our support to our Policy holders continues beyond the point of sale.
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Article Written by

Francis Payne
Tailor Made Healthcare Solutions Spain
tel. 0034 956 777 905

Friday, March 24, 2017

Which Medical Insurance do I need to apply for Residency in Spain ????

Which Medical Insurance do I need when applying for Residency in Spain
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As an agent for Private Healthcare Insurance its a question we get asked daily. However the answer is not an easy one to provide due to the differing requirements in different towns and provinces across Spain. Every day we provide Private Medical Insurance Quotations to Expats who are looking to apply for Residency who hope to ensure that they are more secure in Spain by the time Brexit has happened.
In Spain there are various levels of Medical Insurance policy options. Often the cover is the same cover with 4 or even 6 options that enable you to take up Healthcare Insurance with lower premiums. These options are referred to as Copago. This means that you take out an insurance and go for medical treatment but part pay for the treatment. The higher the part payment the cheaper your policy becomes.
People who rarely use the Doctor may feel that they will save money by paying a high copago and if you are rarely going then premiums can be reduced by upto 60% in this way. The majority of British Expats we deal with are in early retirement and coming to an age where preventative screening is important and therefore knowing that they will use the Private Healthcare system take out a policy with a NO COPAGO option. Essentially they walk into the approved Medical Centre hand over their card with no payments to make.
So lets get back to finding a Health Insurance Policy that will get you approved for residency. The simplest answer we can give is to tell people that a policy with NO copago payments is the definite solution. However we are aware that people retiring have budgets and will need to save costs where possible. So what we have been doing is recording information from people who apply for Spanish residency using a Copago insurance and noting which areas and what levels of Copago get refused or approved. Based on this we have been able to suggest a route toward getting residency with a Copago Policy. We know that the highest Copago insurance often get refused as the Authorities feel that the contribution is simply too high. Our approach recently where budget is important factor for a client is to arrange a mid range Copago Healthcare Insurance application. We advise the client that they apply for the residency on this basis and then in the event they are refused that they recontact us and we upgrade the policy to the higher level. There is a policy where the copago part payments are extremely small between 2,50 and 3,75 that can save between 10 and 18 euros a month when compared to the Policy with zero copago.
Many of our clients have informed us that they were approved with a Copago Policy . Its frustrating for us not to be able to get a clear cut answer from the Authorities but it does seem that it also depends on how carefully they scrutinize the policy document. We have had several clients who have been told that the amount of Copago would not qualify them and it had to be a policy with no part payment and these clients have returned at a later date with a different officer attending them only to be passed using the same insurance policy.
So our suggestion is to take out a policy you feel you can afford as if refused you are always able to upgrade the insurance and obtain a second appointment and re-apply for your residencia in Spain.
Francis Payne (Mr)
Tailor Made Healthcare Solutions Spain, Bloque E, Portal 3, Puerto Sotogrande, Cadiz 11310, Spain. tel. 0034 956 790 320
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