Friday, November 18, 2016

Low cost medical healthcare Quotes for Expats in Spain - Complete attached No Obligation form for 24hr response

Getting the right Healthcare for your family in Spain ?
We are the English Agency offering Spanish Private Medical Insurance.
'Tailor Made Health Care Solutions' provide private healthcare for expats moving to Spain and will provide documents in English.
Are you thinking of moving to Spain or already here and considering Private Health insurance? Then we can provide you with a quotation. Whilst budget is important and we will provide a competitive premium, it is also important to consider locations of any approved medical services for your area. After all, there is no point taking out health insurance only to find the nearest approved medical centre in your scheme is an hour's drive away. Much better to have a company that can offer medical assistance on your door step as well as numerous medical centres and hospitals close by.
A positive feature of our medical health service is reflected in our group scheme where monthly premium quotes can be further discounted by us providing the Insurer with 6 quote acceptances at one time. It is quite common that we suddenly ask you to bring forward your decision or slightly delay joining so we can obtain an additional member to reduce the premium yet again in a given month. Our Health Cover is extremely flexible and if you feel you do not need the complete package then units of cover can be reduced accordingly. We also offer a policy which can cover you for 2 Countries or, for those that travel a lot, consider the world wide medical insurance option.
For quotation complete the short online form via this link. We will contact you normally within 24 hours.
Tailor Made Health are introducers for mainstream medical insurers. At no point will our representatives ask for a payment. We are simply here to introduce you to our recommended insurers, arrange a quotation and answer any questions you may have about cover. All financial arrangements are directly with the Insurance Company once a quotation has been agreed and proposal form accepted by the Insurer.
If you have questions you can please contact us direct or visit our Facebook page by clicking the following link
Facebook Health Info Tailor Made Office located
Puerto Deportivo Sotogrande
Bloque E Portal 3, Suite 113 Sotogrande, San Roque, Cadiz 11310...........Tel. 0034 956 790 320

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