Thursday, February 2, 2017

Our change of Healthcare insurance on moving to Spain

Our Healthcare experience moving from UK to Spain
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If you're moving to Spain it's worth obtaining a medical insurance quote from a Spanish Health Insurer. When I moved to Spain I arrived with my BUPA cover in place after they informed me the policy was worldwide.
On arrival in Spain my daughter was ill and because of this I checked the policy in more detail, only to find that cover worldwide was restricted to 120 days abroad. I reported this to BUPA as their error, after all I had made it very clear I was moving to live in Spain permanently.

Bupa then put me in touch with Sanitas their partner in Spain who offered me a new Bupa-Sanitas insurance for 2 adults and 2 children 390 euros a month. This was 150 cheaper than the UK premium I had been paying, so at the time was I happy.

Within 18 months after too many authorization problems and delays in getting authorizations I left Bupa Sanitas and joined DKV Seguros taking up their Integral Elite Policy which insured all four of us for 250 euros a month. The change was a good one and as a family we have been happy for last 8 years with premiums rising with age and occasionally with inflation.

Since then as you can see from this article I became an agent for DKV and now sell medical insurance mainly to Expats living or moving to Spain. In that time a lot of expats who struggle with making themselves understood have transferred their existing DKV policy to our agency where we provide support.

Spain is a great place to live and retire. The sheer volume of European expats requiring health insurance has meant that competition is fierce and premiums can be a lot cheaper than insuring in the UK. Also because you cannot insure a pre-existing condition with any insurer its worth knowing that treatment & surgery etc is a lot cheaper if you have to pay for it yourself.
A trip to any of the Costa del Sol Private Hospitals will confirm there are a lot more people using Spanish private health facilities on a daily basis. Higher volumes have resulted in lower medical cost charges which ultimately have reflected in lower premiums across the board. Most insurers also offer what is known in Spain as Copago where you can reduce the premium further by contributing a small amount of the treatment cost each time you attend, a system that works well for low users.
Tailor Made Health Solutions Spain will provide you with an affordable Quote and an excellent health cover policy with initial summary of cover in English.
Our insurer is widely accepted by the majority of medical centres across Spain and has one of the largest medical networks of all the insurers.
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Francis Payne
Tailor Made Health Solutions Spain

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